All The Global Elite Perks but billed quarterly instead (Save £6.98)

  • Reserved CSGO Slot
  • Credits: 4.5 MILLION CREDITS
  • Extra Credits Per Minute: 6
  • Access to:
    • !vip (Access to more additional guns, armour and defuse kits.) - upgraded version of the menu compared to the VIP package
    • Access to the VIP Exclusive Section in our in-game Store:
      • Custom Models
      • Exclusive Tags
      • Exclusive Connect Messages with Sounds
    • Access to Global Elite Animated Scoreboard Tags
    • Access to VIP Exclusive Models on our servers
    • Access to !musickit - choose any valve mvp anthem
    • Ability to choose your own custom chat name tag and colour before you checkout. (one time use)
    • Access to !rs (reset your score when you're doing bad)
    • Bonus RTV/Map Votes (1 Extra Votes)
  • Exclusive Discord Tag: The Global Elite
  • Exclusive Giveway Access on Discord
  • And More!


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VIP+ (3-Months) *DISCOUNTED*

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